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a little stardust caught

a segment of the rainbow I have clutched

Zero/Yuuki fanfic: The Specter (Vampire Knight)
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Title: The Specter
Series: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Zero/Yuuki

Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Romance
SummaryBut it's pointless, thinking of all these things now. She's not his to touch, to handle and to hold. She decided that herself, and he did too. Zero-centric.

Now there's nothing left but a bitter photograph, that's no longer a picture of reality but merely a record of what it once was.Collapse )

Zero/Yuuki fanfic: The Ghost Patient (Vampire Knight)
Zeki goodbye "If you walk away..."

Title: The Ghost Patient
Series: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Zero/Yuuki

Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Romance
Summary: Kaname's dead, and Zero's left to pick up the pieces. But Zero knows he will never be a savior. Zero-centric.

She was a faint outline of the vibrant creature he’d once knownCollapse )
She was a faint outline of the vibrant creature he’d once knownCollapse )

Cleaning Out--Manga/Book Sale!
Sasu nosebleed
Going to college in a few weeks and unfortunately don't have enough room for all my manga!
A lot of these are manga that I accidentally bought multiple copies of, and are still in almost mint condition!
Manga prices start from $4. Willing to haggle-the more you buy, the less you can pay for each! :)
All payments made in PayPal. More photos are available if wanted--just ask! :)


Air Gear vol. 1
Clover vol. 3, 4 (Chinese)
Invisible Love (yaoi)
MARS vol. 14 (2 copies!)
Nana vol. 15
Othello vol. 1
Tramps Like Us (Kimi wa Pet) vol. 5, 9
The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga
The Monster Book of Manga: Girls

BOOKS The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2) by Patrick Ness
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
The Storyteller's Daughter by Saira Shah
Click for more!Collapse )

what I'm listening to now
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> current sound: electrotechno pop, J-pop, experimental, mainstream

- school food punishment "you may crawl" "set low, fine" "over"
- DE DE MOUSE "Dancing Horse On My Notes"
- Aira Matsuki "Robot Honey" "Knee-High Girl"
- Ami Suzuki "can't stop the DISCO"
- Shinichi Osawa "Push"
- Coco Rosie "Rainbow Warriors" (cutest thing ever~! <3)

- Olivia Lufkin "winter sleep" "recorded butterflies" "liquid skies"
- Miko Fukuhara "CHANGE" "Getting There" "ICE & FIRE"
- Utada Hikaru "Take 5" "Stay Gold" "BLUE"
- RURUTIA "Hallelujah" "Lost Butterfly"
- The Pillows "Last Dinosaur" "Hybrid Rainbow"
- Kylee "VACANCY"
- Ayumi Hamasaki "LOVE 'n HATE" "Sparkle" "Curtain Call"
- Namie Amuro "ROCK U" "WILD" "Dr" "Hide & Seek" "Can't Eat, Can't Sleep, I'm Sick"

- Pink "Glitter in the Air" "Ave Mary A"
- Lady Gaga "No Floods"
- Beyonce "Halo"
- Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow"


- BoA "I Did it For Love"
- Utada Hikaru "This One (Crying Like a Child)" "Apple and Cinnamon"

short drabble: original fiction
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When he wants to talk, he has people he can talk to whom he calls 'friends'. When he wants to fuck, he has someone he can fuck with, whom he calls his 'girlfriend'. When he wants to be taken care of, he has his 'parents' and when he wants to feel something struggle, crumple, and fall away like a piece of paper beneath his hands, he has his 'enemies'.

'Prey' is more like it, his girlfriend says.

That makes him frown, because she spoke out of turn; she is supposed to be there to comfort him when he needs it and, more importantly, make him feel good about himself. She is not supposed to point out his weaknesses.

Not...not that those are what they are. No; its not a weakness, he just likes feeling things crumple, that's all: yes, the wind as they fall away to the ground, not to mention that delightful sound they make when they hit it for the last time. It always bring this him this sweet sort of joy to him, like it went straight out of their bodies into his hands, that life, taken by him like a gift for himself.

He's a very sensitive person, he knows. He's always been able to appreciate beauty.

My Naruto Preferences...yo
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NaruSasu, NaruSasuSaku, NaruSaku, NejiNaru, NaruSasuNeji, KibaHina, InoSaku, SuiKarin, KakaGai.
Romance, Angst, Humor (Crack is A-OK with me 8D). Some plot makes things more exciting too.

Stuff I Love/Can't Stand About NaruSasuCollapse )

AMV TIEM!<3 [NaruSasu] Fall Away -The Fray
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Yeyy, my new NaruSasu AMV! <3 ^___________^
Set to Fall Away by teh Fray! x3

Well, actually I made it like almost a year ago XD' but was tew shyyyy to post it, heehee -x.x-'
But my anime club's having an amv contest now, so of course I had to SHOW THEM UP w/my not so maad vid-skills! <3

Enjoy the angsty BL goodness! :DDDDD

[fanfiction] erom deen I
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Title: erom deen I
Author: plushiesexual (aka Starriecat @ ffdotnet)
Pairings: SasuNaru, NaruSaku (both one-sided)
Genre: Angst/Romance
Words: 834
A/N: Post-Timeskip. Title from Utada Hikaru's Passion.

Sakura thinks she doesn't need anything else but him. She only hopes she can be enough for Naruto, who still does.

[drabble] erom deen I
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Title: erom deen I
Pairing: NaruSaku, one-sided
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: K+
Time period: Post-Timeskip.
Summary/Link: Sakura thinks she doesn't need anything else but him.
She only hopes she can be enough for Naruto, who still does.

Ehehehehe... >D
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<center><table background="http://img.quizgalaxy.com/historybook.jpg" border="0" style="border: 1px solid black;" width="425" height="225">
<tr height="70"><td width="115"></td><td align="left"></td></tr>
<tr><td width="115"></td><td align="left"><b>Fury-chan was the cause of the apocalypse.</b></td></tr>
<tr><td width="115"></td><td align="left"><b>... afterward, Fury-chan tried to cover up a bizarre love triangle involving them and two monkeys.</b></td></tr>
<tr valign="bottom"><td width="115"></td><td align="center"><a style="color: #FF0000;" href="http://www.quizgalaxy.com/quiz.php?id=149">'How will you be remembered in history books?'</a> at <a href="http://www.quizgalaxy.com" style="color: #FF0000;">QuizGalaxy.com</a></td></tr></table></center>


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